The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation is a Global Union Federation bringing together 217 affiliated organisations (http://www.itglwf.org/lang/en/documents/10-12-13-ITGLWFAffiliates.pdf) in 110 countries.

The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation exists to unite all working men and women in the textile, garment, shoe, leather and other light industries as appropriate and organised in free and democratic trade union organisations, and to promote their interests internationally through consultation and collaboration.  It asserts the right of all working women and men to form and join trade unions which are democratic and free from external control, consistent with the principles of freedom of association.  It serves to promote and protect the human rights of workers through international action to build and maintain solidarity and co-operation between trade unions in the sectors throughout the world, and through advocating and campaigning for the interests of working people. The ITGLWF Agenda for Action, adopted at its 9th World Congress in 2009, is available at http://www.itglwf.org/pdf/Agenda_for_Action_-_English.pdf

The overall priorities and policies of the ITGLWF are handled at global level, and regional activities and relations are covered by the regional organisations (http://www.itglwf.org/lang/en/about.html).

Read about the ITGLWF’s activities at www.itglwf.org