About ICEM

The International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) is an industry-based Global Union dedicated to practical solidarity. It unites 20 million workers from 355 trade unions in 115 countries.

The main focuses of the ICEM are:

  • negotiating and monitoring global agreements with multinational companies - mainly on workers' rights, equality at work and the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection worldwide
  • networking trade union reps within global corporations
  • coordinating solidarity and support for member unions during disputes
  • union-building in countries where unions are weak or non-existent
  • providing information and expertise on topics ranging from collective bargaining to health and safety standards
  • representing workers' interests within the UN, its agencies and other intergovernmental bodies
  • skills training and development work with trade union officers and rank-and-file union members.

The ICEM unites workers irrespective of race, nationality, gender or creed.

The ICEM organises in a wide range of industries: